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to, the website of the Murch One-Name Study. My name is Ros Haywood (yes, Im a girl!), and this study is registered both with the Guild of One-Name Studies and The Surname Society.

A one-name study is somewhat specialised, yet broad in its outlook. Let me explain.

1. It is specialised in that it deals with one surname (and possibly a few variants). So, instead of limiting myself to researching the eighty-plus surnames in my own family tree (although I wont ignore them altogether!), I will concentrate on the MURCH surname.

2. It has a broad outlook because it wont just concentrate on the MURCHes who lived in Devon, England (for example). It wont even confine itself to the MURCHes who lived in England. It is worldwide. If there were MURCHes who lived in India, or emigrated to Australia, or moved to the United States of America they will be included in It will be starting off with the highest concentrations of the name in the UK: Devon and London.

And women wont be forgotten, either. If they married into the MURCH family, or were born a MURCH and changed their name when they married someone with a different surname they will be included too.

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Feature Articles

feature 1 Emily Murch, Court Dressmaker Emily was born on 2 December 1837 in Ottery St Mary, Devon, England to Samuel MURCH and his wife, Joanna YATES. The MURCH family have so far lived, worked and died in the same small Devonshire town, but gradually, the outside world and its inventions have entered their sphere and impacted their lives, with the advent of the railway in 1844 and the many developments within the textile industry.

feature 2 Livingstone Murch, Champion Swimmer He was born on 9 April 1895 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, and as a teenager worked for the Post Office as a telegraph messenger while living at home with his parents at 49 Collins Street in that city. The Aberdeen Daily Journal of 19 June 1912 reports Livingstone, age 17, to be 'defending his title' as the champion of the swimming contest 'Scottish 100 Yards Junior Championship. It seems only natural, then, that he should sign up for the Navy...

feature 3 Samuel Murch, Trustworthy and Faithful Servant Exeter & Plymouth Gazette of 20 January 1849, recording Samuel's death: "Jan. 16, at Ottery St Mary, Mr Samuel Murch, in the 71st year of his age. He was employed 44 years in the Ottery Factory, the last 26 years in the silk department of the present proprietor. He was a trustworthy and faithful servant."

feature 4 Margaret Murch, Charming Actress On 2 December 1907, The Prodigal Son opened in the prestigious Coronet theatre in Southwark, London. The temptress, Helga, was played by Margaret Murch. She later reprised her role in the celebrated Northampton Opera House.

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