Bristol, Gloucestershire, England



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GRIFFITH, Elizabeth Louisa  Abt 1842Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I81
2 MURCH, Albert Francis  Sep q 1875Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I227
3 MURCH, Alfred  Between 1 Jan 1852 and 31 Mar 1852Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I233
4 MURCH, Alfred E  Cal 1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I253
5 MURCH, Alfred Lemuel  Dec q 1878Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I230
6 MURCH, Alice  Dec q 1876Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I102
7 MURCH, Arthur H  Abt 1864Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I822
8 MURCH, Charles Fox  Cal 1880Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I229
9 MURCH, Edward G  Cal 1870Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I224
10 MURCH, Elizabeth  Abt 1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1037
11 MURCH, Elizabeth Louisa  Sep q 1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I228
12 MURCH, George  Between 1 Apr 1841 and 30 Jun 1841Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I80
13 MURCH, George  Cal 1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I88
14 MURCH, Hannah L  Abt 1802Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I834
15 MURCH, Henry  Jun q 1870Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I100
16 MURCH, James  Cal 1821Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I231
17 MURCH, Jane  Cal 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I101
18 MURCH, Maria  Abt 1804Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I836
19 MURCH, Thomas  Abt 1824Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I869
20 MURCH, Thomas  Cal 1874Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I226
21 MURCH, Walter James  March q 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I225
22 MURCH, William  Between 1 Jul 1848 and 30 Sep 1848Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I221
23 MURCH, William  Cal 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I85
24 MURCH, William Henry  Cal 1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I223
25 [--?--], Ann  Abt 1821Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I821