Islington, Middlesex, England



Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MURCH, Ada Mary  Between 1 Oct 1879 and 31 Dec 1879Islington, Middlesex, England I160
2 MURCH, Cecil Elliott  Between 1 Apr 1889 and 30 Jun 1889Islington, Middlesex, England I165
3 MURCH, Dorothy Elizabeth  Between 1 Apr 1894 and 30 Jun 1894Islington, Middlesex, England I167
4 MURCH, Ernest Frank  Jun q 1882Islington, Middlesex, England I161
5 MURCH, Florence Jane N  Dec q 1878Islington, Middlesex, England I159
6 MURCH, Harry John  Jun q 1884Islington, Middlesex, England I162
7 MURCH, Herbert William  Between 1 Oct 1885 and 31 Dec 1885Islington, Middlesex, England I163
8 MURCH, Jack  Between 1 Oct 1896 and 31 Dec 1896Islington, Middlesex, England I168
9 MURCH, Leonard Oscar  Dec q 1877Islington, Middlesex, England I914
10 MURCH, Sidney Alan  Sep q 1890Islington, Middlesex, England I166
11 MURCH, Wilfred Newbery  Cal 1888Islington, Middlesex, England I164
12 [--?--], Elizabeth  Abt 1842Islington, Middlesex, England I878